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05 Aug 2022

Mimicking mergers and hyperbolic VItamins

A couple of months ago a student who I’ve been working with for the last year or so put out a new first author paper, which was an exciting moment. This is the first time I’ve had a student publish, so I’m enjoying a little buzz of excitement from that, but Weichangfeng should enjoy all the glory of getting the project finished.

22 Aug 2019

Making injections with Bilby

The last couple of days I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying organising a number of diversity-related things for our upcoming collaboration meeting, and doing more admin than I can pretend to have enjoyed, so today’s note’s going to be a fairly short one, covering some work I did while helping a student using Bilby, the LSC’s new inference library (named, pleasingly, after an animal).

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As the number of gravitational wave observations has increased in recent years, the variety of sources has broadened. Here we investigate whether it is possible for the current generation of detect...

Project name: hypee

Dates: 2018-12-01 - Present

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Gravitational waves are produced any time a mass accelerates, including when an object changes the direction it's travelling in. When massive black holes, travelling at hih velocities, come close to each other their mutual gravitational attraction can alter their trajectories, producing a gravitational effect analogous to Bremsstrahlung. The signal produced by these sources may be an observable source of gravitational wave 'burst' signals.