Daniel Williams


I'm a postdoctoral researcher funded by the STFC to work on the analysis of gravitational wave signals from second generation detectors. I work in the Institute for Gravitational Research at the University of Glasgow, which is part of the School of Physics and Astronomy. I'm also a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. For more information please see my about me page.


As a result of the ongoing Covid-19 situation I am working from home, and it may take longer to get in touch with me than you'd normally expect. Please bear with me; you can still contact me through the usual channels.

My Research

My research interests focus around the use of statistical techniques to detect gravitational waves, and perform inference from the data which gravitational wave detectors such as Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo provide. I generally work on Bayesian techniques, machine learning algorithms, and non-parametric inference. You can read more about my research here, and find a list of my publications here.

Blog and other writing

I keep a very infrequently updated blog which isn't exclusively about astrophysics or my research. You can find it here, but you can also find notes and news specifically related to my research here.

I also have verious sets of notes, mostly on physics and astrophysics, which live here. Some of these are notes which I originally made when I was an undergraduate, some are more recent, and some are lecture notes to accompany lectures which I've given. There should be some notes on each set which describe which they are, so beware of some of the older ones!

Recent and Future Talks

I frequently give talks about gravitational wave astrophysics to both the general public and to professional astrophysicists. You can find a full list of both my recent public and professional talks and presentations on this website too.