I developed the "7 Minutes of Science" project in co-operation with members of the Physics and Astronomy Societies at the University of Glasgow duing the Autumn of 2014. Designed to be a means of showcasing the research activity of the School of Physics and Astronomy at the university, the event consisted of an evening of 7-minute-long talks on the most exciting areas being researched currently. The event was recorded, and the videos will be made available online shortly after the event. This project involved the design and implementation of a website, 7minutescience.com, in addition to the design of printed posters and advertisments.

Dates: 2014-11-01 - 2018-01-01

7 Minutes of Science : A Research Showcase

Project Status: Completed

Project Description
A public outreach event aimed at exhibiting the cutting-edge research work being carried out at the University of Glasgow.