After a reasonable amount of indecision over whether to head for Beinn Mheadhoin today I finally came to the conclusion that it was high time I had a rest day. The forecast for Thursday was arguably better than it was for today anyway. Rest days are for the Corbetts, apparently, ans so I set out after a slow morning towards Meall a’ Bhuacaille; the climb conveniently sits right behind the hostel. Almost all the way there is a well-engineered path, and the ascent to the ridge was quite fast, and from there it was only a short additional climb to get the summit (810m) of my third Corbett.

I then decided to continue along the ridge over a number of minor summits; the whole walk gave excellent views across to the Northern Corries and Braeriach (which I must now have seen from almost every possible angle). Compared to yesterday the temperature had plummeted to a comfortable 18-degrees, and the wind made for a pleasant and untaxing walk, though the last few kilometres along forestry tracks were somewhat uninspiring.

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