The latest release of asimov is now available from our gitlab server, as well as being available on pypi.

You can install the new version by running

$ pip install -U ligo-asimov

This new version brins a large number of new features which were designed to make running the analyses for a number of upcoming LIGO/Virgo papers easier. These include:

  • Support for the RIFT pipeline
  • Support for the Bilby pipeline
  • Support for the Bayeswave pipeline
  • Improved integration with PESummary

Asimov is now reviewed to work with these new pipelines.

Under the hood there are a number of changes which will allow considerably greater flexibility in future asimov versions. These include making the process for adding new pipelines much simpler, as configuration files are now generated from liquid templates, where before they needed a custom-written python class to handle.

Version 0.3.0 is likely to be the final main release for the major O3 LIGO analyses.

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