I’m sitting on a train which has just left Manchester Oxford Road; I’m tired, shaking a little from an unhealthy dose of caffeine, and just a little bit sad, because CAPS 2015 is over. It’s been a great weekend filled with science, coffee, meeting lots of new people, and even more coffee.

The students from the University of Manchester have done a great job this year of looking after everyone from all across the country, and making the whole conference a fun experience for everyone. I’ve heard talks on topics as diverse as fast radio bursts and magnetic monopoles, and I’ve even had the chance to talk a little about some of my own research, at Jodrell Bank, no less (there can be few places more appropriate to talk about pulsars than in the shadow of Europe’s largest radio telescope after all!).

Of course, now the work begins for the next CAPS conference, which is due to be held in 2016. The location? Glasgow. So I’m not going to have much excuse not to go! So I can’t wait to see everyone I met at this year’s CAPS up in Glasgow next year, for some science and a good ceilidh.

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