This is a list of the notes which I'm in the process of updating from the old latex format to a new, and partially machine-readable format.

Older Notes

This page is where I've started collecting together all of the notes I have on physics and astrophysics. The majority of these were put together when I was an undergraduate, and while I've started to tidy them up, and make corrections and additions, you should expect them to have at the very least errors, and possibly serious errors which I've still not picked-up on. They're also likely to be incomplete in places, so while you should feel free to use them, please do so at your own risk!

If you find a mistake, or you have a suggestion or quibble with anything please make a bug report on the notes' repository on Github; there's a link for each set of notes to the issues page. Thanks!

Gravitation and General Relativity

Notes on general relativity and the theory of gravitation, including the background mathematics, including tensor calculus and analytical geometry. There are additional notes on some of the applications of General Relativity to astrophysics. Download the latest version Report errata or a suggestion

Quantum Field Theory

Notes on relativistic quantum field theory, with some background mathematics. Download the latest version Report errata or a suggestion

Mathematical Methods for Physics

Notes on the mathematical methods which are useful for modern physics, including special functions, some discussion of multilinear (tensor) algebra, and related fields. These notes are a bit lacking compared to some of the others. Download the latest version Report errata or a suggestion